My name is Martha Portilla; I was born in Peru and I am the
proud mother of these three wonderful kids.

I hold a Montessori certification in Early Childhood
Education from NCME, now merged with AMS.

I completed an intensive 20-hour training in Adlerian
parenting methods with Carolyn Crowder, Ph.D., who is
an Adlerian Trainer and Psychologist.

I am a Certified Leader of the Active Parenting Now
Program, which is also based on the theories of Adler and

I am a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator and a member of the Adlerian Society of

As part of my personal development, I took the Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course as
well. Landmark has been one of my life's most fulfilling experiences. Both programs made a huge
impact on who I am today.

I became a Montessori teacher in 1993 in Lima, Peru, where I taught for 7 years before coming to
Arizona to establish the Pre-Primary Program at Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School in
Tubac. This has been a very rewarding experience for me during the 11 years I had the privilege
of directing the program.

As a mother and a teacher with many years of experience in Early Childhood Education, I truly
believe that parenting education is of great importance; after all, parenting is the most
important job we will ever have in our entire life!

Through the years, I realized that in order to really help children and adolescents achieve their
full potential over the long term, I had to get parents and  teachers much more involved. That is
why Mindful Parenting was created.

I am very excited about the possibility of sharing these wonderful skills with you and making a
big difference in your family life and/or with your students if you are a teacher. I have been
applying these principles throughout my teaching years with my students and co-workers, as
well as in my personal life, with my children, spouse and friends.

I offer parenting workshops, group coaching and individual coaching to parents. I also give
workshops to teachers on communication skills and discipline strategies and do consulting on
how to deal with specific problems.

I've offered these programs in Arizona, California and in Lima, Peru. I look forward to the
opportunity of bringing to you the skills that will take your relationship with children to a whole
new level, at home and in your community.

To strong families and children's success!

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Be the best parent you are meant to be!
Mindful Parenting